What is intrapreneurship?

Simply put, it's acting like an entrepreneur inside a large organisation. At The Lens we have consistently found that the people closest to the problems faced by customers often have the best solutions - but that those ideas rarely make it into reality. Intrapreneurship unlocks that potential. By developing the mindset and skills of intrapreneurs, your people can become a community of change-makers that inspire and influence others to see and think differently.

What will investing in intrapreneurship do?

Organisations constantly need to change and adapt but it is often challenging to do well. Through our experience we’ve seen that innovation works best when the people in an organisation drive it forward with the support and mandate from leaders. Intrapreneurship opens up new ideas and ways to deliver impact, but it also helps to change the culture and dynamic of an organisation to one that is more agile, flexible and innovative.

Investing In Intrapreneuship

CEOs and Senior Leaders

We help leaders to develop a team of skilled, creative intrapreneurs and a pipeline of new ideas and business opportunities – all helping to drive an innovation-ready culture. We offer specialised training and mentoring through tailor-made packages, helping you achieve the outcomes you want.

CEO Senior Leaders

Leaders and Managers

We support managers by developing practical skills and enabling new thinking and idea creation in your team. We use service design methods, transformative facilitation and place an emphasis listening closely to customers to help your team think differently. Using these approaches your people will become skilled intrapreneurs able to deliver innovation and greater impact.

Middle Managers

Frontline Staff

The people closest to your customers have unique knowledge of those you serve and have valuable ideas on how services could be improved. Partnering with The Lens is a powerful statement that you have confidence in your front line staff’s ideas and ability to make change, not just in theory but through tangible implementation and results.

Frontline Staff

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