Kim Williams

Intrapreneur Kim McWilliams, Loretto Care, Project Communication  

Kim was running late for her first Developing Intrapreneurship Workshop. When she came into the room she wanted to turn right back round – everyone was on their feet sharing their ideas. She, like many of The Lens Intrapreneurs, thought her idea was too simple to receive investment.   

Six weeks prior to this, Kim had applied to Loretto Care’s Intrapreneurship Programme with the idea of helping a few teams like hers communicate with deaf and hearing-impaired residents by introducing basic British Sign Language (BSL) training. After four workshops and some support, Kim stood on stage with Tommy, one of the residents she supports, and successfully pitched for investment to implement the training programme she’d championed. Only now, her idea was bigger and more ambitious.  

Instead of focussing on a few specific teams, Kim grew her idea and was able to launch an ‘Introduction to BSL’ e-learning course which was available to 600 staff from departments across the Wheatley Group. In addition to the online course, five fully funded college places are in place to create qualified ambassadors in more advanced BSL. A ‘healthy hearing campaign’ will also look to raise awareness of how the organisation can become more inclusive for residents with hearing impairments, as well as to help people look after their hearing.